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Food and Faith

October afternoons at the farmstand.

Monday and Tuesday afternoons, I work the farmstand. The red barn sits back from the intersection of two busy roads in Riverhead, Long Island. Behind it lay the fields from which all our produce is harvested. Our lawn, now that…

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shock doctrine

I thought I’d be prepared by the title not to be shocked by Naomi Klein’s book “Shock Doctrine,” but it keeps happening! By the way, the relationship to food and faith is in the way shocks have been used by…

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Economic justice at core of food justice

Reading the Peacemaking Program’s blog this evening, I was reminded of the great talk Roberto Jordan presented at this year’s Peacemaking Conference. The Presbyterian News Service posted a story on the keynote presentation by Rev. Jordan of Argentina. He is…

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Harvesting by Hand

I touched your food. Don’t be offended or worried. Lots of people touched your food. Hope you rinsed that lettuce. I’m working as a novice apprentice on an organic farm in Riverhead, Long Island. Every day at 7 am, I…

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fasting in the bible

Friends are in the middle of Ramadan now, fasting every day for 30 days. Fasting used to be a common thing back in the day for Jews and Christians, too (see the list below!). I wonder why it lost its…

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