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Food and Faith

Talking ‘Bout Serious Change

I want Upton Sinclair’s change. I want God’s change. I want the change that gets us out of thinking and living “better grab all that I can get ‘cuz there won’t be enough” and into trusting the life-giving Commandments to love God and to love our neighbor.

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The little time keeper in the upper right corner of my computer screen tells me that I have about 3 more minutes before my voting station, just down the street at the local grade school, opens up. I’m on West…

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Youth gardening!

African Food Basket Founder Anan Lololi. Photo by R. Jeanette Martin This is a great story from Now Toronto with audio clips of youth participants at the bottom of the column. “For 300 years we were on plantations, so there…

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Does your mouth water when you look at the scene on the left? “Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler” (below) provides much food for thought (gristle for the noggin?). Seems we clearly need to take another look at meat. Click on the charts…

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Monsanto can’t keep a good farmer down

For me and people around the world, the Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser became a hero when he stood up to Monsanto. After the company’s genetically engineered (GE) seeds blew onto Schmeiser’s canola farm and contaminated his fields, the multinational sued…

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Making Bacon

This is my first effort at making my own bacon. It is fresh from about two hours in the oven after spending seven days in a salt/sugar/pink salt dry brine in my refrigerator. It already tastes very good. (It’s not…

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