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Food and Faith

Farmers Driven to Suicide

Caption: Burning GMO Cotton in India In January 10, Jamuna Ramdas Ade decided she couldn’t take it any more. The cotton farmer from the Indian state of Maharashtra was so deep in debt that she swallowed a mouthful of monocrotophos,…

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Crying over blueberries

By Jana McNally I cried about blueberries a few days ago. I really don’t cry that much anymore and rarely about food, although I did once cry about lettuce. During the summer of 1997, my husband, Ivor, and I were…

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Salsa Gazpacho!

Salsa Gazpacho This comes with high commendations from a participant in our recent Just Eating class. (She also taps her own maple trees and cooks down the sap for maple syrup.) 2 large tomatoes or more 2 tsp fresh lime…

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