A remarkable and humble congregation

posed shot of church members in front of church

Members from Waverly participated in the CROP walk to help end hunger. Photo credit: First Presbyterian Church of Waverly, Ohio

Working to end hunger and homelessness

First Presbyterian Church of Waverly, Ohio, a Hunger Action Congregation, does what they can to answer the scriptural call for compassion and justice. And they’ve been doing it for decades – humbly!

They don’t mention the preaching about hunger or the ceramic mugs they use instead of throwaways or the Fair Trade products they sell. Nor do they mention that three-quarters of their members participate in the Offering of Letters to advocate for better policies!

But they did kindly send us the above photo and a short report on their hunger ministry. Here it is in their words…

Hunger and homelessness have long been concerns of the people of this congregation.
For many years the church housed a food pantry for the county. In the 1990s a Pike County Outreach Council of churches began and a home was purchased to house those
who needed shelter for a period of time. Many volunteers worked to get the house ready for occupancy. To this time the church is a strong supporter of that Council in our budget and with extra gifts, food supplies and some volunteer work. Each fall the congregation sponsors a walk for hunger for the community with proceeds going to the food pantry as well.

Last spring when the community was following instructions from the state to count the homeless several members gathered to make sandwiches to feed the hungry who were invited to get a meal and a bag of food.

Locally some volunteer doctors and other medical people opened a weekly clinic in town for those who cannot afford insurance. Waverly Presbyterian supplies some meals for the volunteers that come and we have two faithful members who help each week.

Each Spring a number of letters go out from the congregation to our Senators and District Representative in support of the current issues from Bread for the World.

During the Covid-19 pandemic the mission committee decided to give the 40% of the Pentecost offering to a group from a larger church who were packing many lunches each day for the children who were not in school. Additionally, gifts from the church are being given to assist local youth with 4H membership dues.

This past year the local Y set up a children’s program to care for children before and after school if the schedule of the parents need care for them. Again, the mission committee gave the Y a sizable donation for that program which includes breakfast and snacks.

Hunger has been a big part of the mission of Waverly Presbyterian church. The congregation has been a participant in all four special offerings many of which support people and programs designed to relieve hunger across the globe.