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Food and Faith

The Food Literacy Project

On Friday, we were picking up produce to bring over to the Urban Fresh farmer’s market cold storage and I finally had the chance to see the Food Literacy Project, which shares space at the working Field Day Family Farm…

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A Journey Beyond the Horizon

This coming Sunday, I will serve as guest preacher to two yoked congregations in a Northern California farming community. I’m a city girl. This is only my second season of gardening (and the tomatoes are coming on very nicely, thank…

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How Much is Enough?

The suggested Lectionary reading for this coming Sunday is Luke 12: 13-21 – a teaching on Greed. Someone approaches Jesus asking for assistance with a family dispute. Jesus refuses to act as judge but turns the request around into a…

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Farm Bill Tuesday: House Aftermath

Two multimedia pieces dealing with the complexity of the Farm Bill in the wake of the House vote last week. First, from today’s New York Times, an article and slideshow dealing with food aid called “Corn That Never Came.” And…

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Still Waiting on Reform

Here is a wonderful (yet sad) editorial from today’s NY Times on what happened in the House with the Farm Bill. The Fairness in Farm and Food Policy Amendment was defeated Thursday night by a vote of 117-309. And the…

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