Much hope for a Green Future!

Hope in our vision

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On this cold, rainy day in Poland, hope could be a rare commodity. But the beautiful efforts and creativity of others produces a kind of Commons that can help us find meaningful perspectives and actions that transcend material limitations (i.e. into the spiritual dimension).

So – and I say this to myself as well – let us dip deeply into this common well of inspiration and hope!

First, let me say a few words about coal, since it is everywhere here in Poland – in the critiques and op-eds, and in the air itself!

Even on the topic of coal, there is hope, which I will address in the first reason for hope below.

Before getting there, as this blog is about Food & Faith, I thought I’d say a word about faith and ask a couple questions. Feel free to comment below!

Both faith and hope are based in our beliefs and experience. Perhaps faith focuses more on belief and how this determines the future. How does faith in God position us in the face of climate chaos?

Hope is more future-oriented and is about a desired outcome. As we face enormous and destructive threats to life on the planet, hope points to a desired vision. Can you have hope without faith?

Both faith and hope together seem essential in times of crisis. Yes?

And so now – in case you need them – here are some reasons to hope.

Ten Reasons to Hope

Reason for Hope #1: COAL

Coal-powered plants could soon retreat from the energy game as technological breakthroughs allow renewables to show the industry what they’ve got. A new report concluded that “42 percent of global coal capacity is currently unprofitable, and the US could save $78 billion by closing coal-fired power plants in line with the Paris Climate Accord’s climate goals.”

Read more from Forbes:
Plunging Prices Mean Building New Renewable Energy Is Cheaper Than Running Existing Coal

Reason to Hope #2: OCASIO-CORTEZ

Ocasio-Cortez Wants to Unite Generations of Climate Action Efforts under the Green New Deal

See also the video with’s Bill McKibben from Democracy Now!:
A Green New Deal: Bill McKibben Hails Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Plan to Combat Climate Change

Reason to Hope #3: FEWER PAGES OF RULES!

The negotiated contents of the Rulebook, which lays out the pathways to implement the Paris Climate Agreement, was originally 307 pages long and has been cut down to less than 200 pages. The will for consensus is strong as we move from the technical week to the decision-making week here at COP24.


Look at the array of ideas for green financing – yes, $ is critical for moving us towards a Green Future.

Reason to Hope #5: “WE ARE STILL IN’

3,600 U.S. states, cities, and businesses in the“We Are Still In” coalition oppose the Trump Administration’s request to withdraw from the Paris Agreement and are moving forward with their own emission pledges and reductions. I heard that collectively this adds up to 70% of the emissions from the USA.

Reason to Hope #6: WE ARE IN GOOD COMPANY!

A quote from Bill McKibben sent to me today by Gary Payton from Bill McKibben. Our power is in our own actions and in the collectivizing of that action into movements.

“If anything is going to happen about it, it’s because we’re going to move like a movement, to do the things that movements do. The only thing we can promise you, the only thing —because I’ve been all over the world looking —is that there are millions of people ready to make this fight now. You will have the honor of standing shoulder to shoulder with them, and we will have the honor of standing shoulder to shoulder with you, and we will go ahead and we will find out how it all comes out.” 

Reason to Hope #7: 15-YEAR-OLD GRETA THUNBERG

This Swedish youth tells decision makers here at COP24, “We can no longer save the world by playing by the rules because the rules have to be changed.” Read more


Press conference with Extinction Rebellion and, which included Greta Thunberg.


People are willing to be arrested to stop ‘business as usual.’ Read more here: Extinction Rebellion protesters block 5 London bridges

Extinction Rebellion [here are their Principles & Values and their Demands] held a press conference that I attended on Wednesday, along with Scientists Warning.


People of faith are resisting false solutions.

See GreenFaith’s new report: Playing God: Multi-Faith Responses to the Prospect of Climate Engineering (read or download the PDF)

playing god graphic


Our partners at Corporate Accountability International are asking us to Urge the EU to stand with people, not Trump and Big Polluters

“With the Trump administration blatantly working on behalf of Big Polluters to stall climate action, the EU needs to stand with people. While the EU claims to be stronger on climate than the US, it has been pushing Trump and Big Polluters’ agenda behind the scenes.

As we organize here at the global climate talks, will you have our backs? Call the European Union (EU) and tell them to stand with people around the world, not Big Polluters and the Trump administration at the UN climate talks.
It’s time for the EU to advance real climate solutions. Call now!”

PLEASE CALL THESE TWO NUMBERS (Script is available here):

  • (212) 292-8600 to reach the office of Ambassador João Vale de Almeida
  • (202) 862-9510 to reach the office of Ambassador David O’Sullivan

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