One hundred on World Food Day!

One hundred! That’s how many Hunger Action Congregations we are celebrating on World Food Day, October 16, 2022.

Congregations around the nation are serving thousands of meals for people in their communities each week; growing food in community gardens and often donating from the abundance; offering shelter for many through their ministries with people experiencing homelessness; learning together how to recognize and bring reconciliation in communities harmed by discrimination; choosing behaviors that show care for people and creation; making an impact on policies and practices that affect communities; and worshiping together in ways that honor God as the creator and recognize God’s love for all of humanity.

4 photos of tiny pantries

During the last couple years, we’ve heard of more little pantries being built to help alleviate needs for community members. Thanks to First PC, Stillwater, MN; Calvary PC, South Pasadena, CA; Faith PC, Huntsville, AL; Monticello PC, Monticello, GA, for sharing photos with us.

The congregations in the Hunger Action Congregations network have shared with PHP about their activities in six areas of hunger action: Hunger Alleviation, Development Assistance, Education, Lifestyle Integrity, Corporate and Public Policy Witness, and Worship.

We celebrate not just the “100” this year – but the thousands of ministries supported by their work, relationships built by their willingness to connect with others in ministry, and victories won for the well-being of people in communities around the nation and the world.

Thank you to every Hunger Action Congregation for your work in response to hunger and poverty in your communities, and to those who also support ministries that are making a difference around the world.

While it’s not all about numbers, we are glad to share some tidbits about this year’s PHP Hunger Action Congregations:

  • Active in 58 presbyteries
  • Present in 30 of the United States
  • 26 are also certified as PC(USA) Earth Care Congregations
  • Action area with most participation: Hunger Alleviation – all 100!

Other areas in order of participation: Lifestyle Integrity, Development Assistance & Worship, Education, Corporate & Public Policy Witness

  • 65% of HACs certified in all 6 areas of hunger action

We are glad to celebrate this Christ-honoring group of congregations who are listening, learning, growing together, and serving their communities with practical expressions of God’s restoring love.

Your gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing and the Hunger Fund support the Presbyterian Hunger Program and our dozens of partners working globally to end hunger and its causes.