What Happened to the Farm Bill?

Where are things at?

The Farm Bill expires at the end of this month. Yes. September 30.

The House passed their version with deep and damaging cuts proposed to hunger, health, and conservation-related policies within this vast set of policies known as the Farm Bill. The Senate passed a version that was better on many of these issues.

These are reconciled in the Conference Committee to produce a single bill that would go to the House, (and if passed) the Senate, (and if passed) the President, and, if signed, become law for the next five years.

There remain large differences to resolve and an extension will likely be sought. Proponents on both sides would then hope for a new post-election Congress to be friendlier to their proposals – and Conference Committee members would attempt to find compromised positions so the Bill could move.

Why does the Farm Bill matter?

Take a look at this overview from May for a quick overview and download the Eater’s Guide to the Farm Bill for a full picture, including interfaith principles and ways to engage… 

For Farm Bill Geeks…

Geek is a complement these days.

Here is the letter our partner, the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, wrote to the appropriators on the Farm Bill Conference Committee with the priorities and recommendations important to their farm, conservation, and rural member organizations.