Waiting for life renewed!

The life-giving warmth of spring is almost upon us!  But still we wait for the new impulse coming our way…

lent calendar cover

1)  In Lent, we reflect on Christ’s ministry, death, and resurrection. We slow down, take time, and examine our internal spiritual lives and the way we live out our Christian faith in the world around.

This Lenten calendar begins with ways to prepare ourselves for the Lent and Easter season and then moves to weekly foci of women, creation, water, consumption, and social justice. Ideas for action can be used by congregations as well as individuals.

2)  Also, have you ordered Eco-Palms for your Palm Sunday celebration yet? An impressive 1,052 PC(USA) congregations ordered Eco-Palms in 2017. Learn more and place your order before the March 4th deadline!

3)  And last but not least, a gift to One Great Hour of Sharing enables the church to share God’s love with our neighbors around the world by providing: relief to those affected by natural disasters; food justice and food sovereignty for those fighting against poverty; and support for impoverished and oppressed people struggling for dignity and life in abundance. Use these resources for promoting OGHS in your church and/or donate to the Hunger Fund!


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