Why care about the Farm Bill?

One bill provides crop insurance to protect farmers hit by pests, drought, or flood.

One bill supports communities as they develop their local and regional food systems.

One bill provides research, credit, and support programs for farmers and ranchers.

One bill enacts either strong or weak creation care policies.

Agriculture is one of the foremost contributors to pollution, environmental degradation, and climate change.

One bill determines whether millions will be hungry.

SNAP, formerly called Food Stamps, keeps many people in the United States from life-threatening poverty. It is one of the primary pieces of the safety net. SNAP is a critical support for children, the elderly, disabled people, and families struggling against poverty. Current proposals being floated would reduce SNAP for millions of American.

Backed by PC(USA) policy and with the input of faith, food, and farm groups around the country, PHP has produced the Eater’s Guide to the Farm Bill. The Eater’s Guide has received accolades from Kentucky farmers and the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. It is the definitive manual for equipping Presbyterians to raise their voices on this critical legislation. Questions to ask local, state, and federal candidates included.

Download the Eater’s Guide to the Farm Bill for you and your congregation right here!