Ellen Davis and Wendell Berry Speaking of Faith

How serendipitous that Dr. Ellen Davis’s interview on Speaking of Faith broadcast nationwide on the day she preached at Louisville’s Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church to help launch the Heaven on Earth Agrarian Road Trip.

The program, Land, Life, and the Poetry of Creatures, is adorned with a photo of dirt-covered bare feet.

Biblical scholar Ellen Davis is helping to shape a new approach to thinking about human domination of the Earth and its creatures. With her friend, the farmer poet Wendell Berry, they speak to our collective grief at destruction of the natural world and nourish a “chastened” yet “tenacious” hope.

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Today, Dr. Davis will speak at the PC(USA) denominational offices about the inestimable value of land in Old Testament times and today. View the Road Trip map and find events near you, and subscribe to this blog on the right so you can follow the HEART all the way.

Selected Poems + Prose Written and Read
by Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry» “The Contrariness of the Mad Farmer”
[text+audio | mp3 (2:26)]

» “How to Be a Poet”
[text+audio | mp3 (1:26)]

» “The Man Born to Farming”
[text+audio | mp3 (:47)]

» “The Peace of Wild Things”
[text+audio | mp3 (:48)]

» “Sabbaths – 1979, IV”
[text+audio | mp3 (3:38)]

» “Sabbaths – 1985, I”
[text+audio | mp3 (1:32)]

» Postscript to “The Landscaping of Hell: Strip-Mine Morality in East Kentucky” from The Long-Legged House
[text+audio | mp3 (1:25)]