Julie and Julia and Jesus

faded salmon ad on side of buildingA few years back, when standing for my Candidacy for Ministry of the Word and Sacrament Examination1 , I started talking about the over-the-top exuberant goodness of God that can be found in a bite of simply grilled salmon on a early June twilight evening. I think I said something like how food doesn’t have to taste good, how we’d still eat it. I talked about how we could be grass-grazers or nector-drinkers but we’re not. We eat a lot of things, most of which taste incredibly, extravagantly, luxuriously good. One of my proofs for the deep, creative, loving God is the first bite of the just ripe garden tomato in July; handcrafted camembret cheese freshly unwrapped and oozing just a tiny bit on a March afternoon; winter stew on a mid-November sunday night.