The little time keeper in the upper right corner of my computer screen tells me that I have about 3 more minutes before my voting station, just down the street at the local grade school, opens up. I’m on West Coast time, so I know already people have started to vote on the other coast, they stared even before I opened my eyes this morning. Because I work from home, I can wait for later this morning or early afternoon before walking the 2 blocks and picking up my ballot. I just wish I knew which presidential candidate I am going to vote for.  This year, it seems even more important than ever. There is so much that needs the attention of good, smart people, and I say people because a president is only as good as his or her (I can write that in this election!) administrative team.

So, I’m meditating on the newly emerged tomato sprouts in my kitchen window. This is my third year trying to grow tomatoes and basil from seed. I’m also trying for eggplant this year as well as taking a second shot at sweet peppers but its probably just a little too cool for significant fruits on either of these two kinds of plants.  But they don’t know this. I put them along side their tomato and basil cousins in a little bit of potting soil and add water from time to time and then, somehow, the future eggplant and the future sweet peppers emerge from their safe seed shell bound and determined to make new seeds as best as they can with whatever water, sunlight, dirt and air they can grab a hold of and use. This is what seeds do. They make plants that make seeds again.


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