Of church and stake: farming for the soul


Sister Mary Ann Garisto at her non profit farm, Sister’s Hill Farm, in
Dutchess county brings healthy produce to the needy in New York. (Phil Mansfield for the New York Times)

Did you even know there was a Christian Vegetarian Association? I didn’t. But that’s where I found this post and link to the International Herald Tribune article: Of church and stake: farming for the soul

“Religious communities, especially Christians, Jews and Muslims, are getting organized to take a stand on agricultural practices, given that faith and food are closely linked.

For example, the Religious Working Group on the Farm Bill, a national coalition of more than a dozen religious organizations, is lobbying Congress for legislation to help small farms, the National Catholic Rural Life Conference is helping congregations and universities in the Midwest buy local produce from family farmers, and environment-minded Jews are asking the leaders of Conservative Judaism to rewrite their kosher certification rules to incorporate ethical concerns about workers, animals and the land.

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