Interesting Discussion on Food Cost

How much fun is it when one blog references another? I donno, but I do think the conversation going on over at on what food should cost and what is a fair price for those who produce that food, especially organic and local, should be is worth a read.

To whet your interest:

“As long as I’m going all wonky on you, let me throw in a couple of other
statistics: the average fruit and vegetable farmer working in standard
agriculture realizes about 20% of the retail price of the food they
grow. And according to the most recent Census of Agriculture, 75% of
farm family income today comes from non-ag sources. Think about that
for a minute. That means that every farm family not only has one person
working full-time off the farm, it means the other partner is working
part-time as well. As you can imagine, with these tightening profit
margins, more and more people are getting out of farming altogether.
The size of farms is increasing as growers try to realize some
advantage from scale. This cannot bode well for the future flavor of
our fruits and vegetables.”

The comment section is also interesting – but please come back here and let us know what you think on the subject. Where is Christ in all this? Where is our call?