To All Eaters! – Stephen Bartlett podcast: exclusive feature

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It is about 2.4 megabytes, so you may wish to read his piece below:

From Sustainable Agriculture of Louisville

Do you know how much taxpayer money goes to the Farm Bill, now being debated in Congress? The answer is surprising: about $100 billion!! Astonishing but true! This omnibus law renegotiated each five years impacts almost every aspect of life in the U.S. and abroad. It determines if children from low-income families will get subsidized school lunches and indeed if low-income families will get food stamps, it subsidizes the growing of crops that get turned into corn syrup and pumped into oversized sodas and processed foods, and into cruelly treated chickens, pigs and cattle in unhealthy factory feedlots. The growth of fast food consumption enabled by the Farm Bill correlates with the obesity crisis afflicting our country.


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