Farm Bill Tues/Wed: Senate Action—Conservation

Advocates for Farm Bill Reform now look to the Senate with hopes for a much better outcome than from the House. The Farm Bill debate is far from over, and even though both chambers of Congress are in the midst of an August recess, it is an excellent time to contact them about the Farm Bill. The Senate is scheduled to begin work on the 2007 Farm Bill when they return in September. We will continue to call for reform of Title 1 and the reduction of trade-distorting subsidies. And in addition, throughout the next few weeks we will also be highlighting where the House failed and how the Senate can do better in specific areas of the farm bill. This week we will focus on conservation.

Take Action Now!

The Farm Bill passed by the House of Representatives effectively eliminated the Conservation Security Program by not allowing new participants to enroll until 2012. This program still has a good chance of being expanded in the Senate version of the farm bill.

Call your Senators by August 15 at 1-800-826-3688 and ask them to support REDUCING TRADE-DISTORTING SUBSIDIES IN TITLE 1 and EXPANDING THE CONSERVATION SECURITY PROGRAM. Or go to to find out who your Senators are and how to contact them.

Tell the staff person who answers that you are a constituent and that you want your senator to support reducing trade-distorting subsidies in Title 1 AND expanding the Conservation Security Program in the Farm Bill. You want a farm bill that supports farmers but does not distort international trade AND one that better protects the environment by encouraging farmers to follow environmentally friendly practices such as those that reduce soil erosion and improve wildlife habitat.

With your help we can change our food and farm policy to better protect God’s creation.