A Mid East Peace for the Mid West

Huh? Yep. Reducing farm subsidies is a complicated process and the Wall Street Journal gets it right when they compare it to brokering peace in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

We need more brave souls to join those in Congress who are working for farm bill reform. We also need more members of Congress to join the fray. Subscribe to the Hunger Program’s Farm Bill Action Alerts today. Take action with our current alert by calling your representative at (800) 826-3688 and asking him or her to tell House leadership that the status quo is not acceptable, that trade distorting subsidies need to be removed from Title 1 of the Farm Bill.

From today’s Wall Street Journal editorial board:

Farming for Dollars.” The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board. July 6- “As Sisyphean tasks go, a reduction in farm subsidies is the domestic version of Arab-Israeli peace. But as Congress writes another five-year farm bill, we’re glad to see that a few brave Members are still willing to give it a try.

. . . And thanks to a surge in land values, the average net worth of a full time farmer is $830,000.”