Good news! Good cooking is good for the planet

Truecost_2 The True Cost of Food is a great 15-minute movie. This production by the Sierra Club is a great vehicle for understanding our food system. You can view the film online now.

And here is a great guide to eating on a limited budget.

Cooking that is kindest to the planet also yields the best-tasting food. Cooking sustainably means using fresh, in-season ingredients that have not traveled thousands of miles to your kitchen and preparing them simply so that their true flavor comes through. The sustainable kitchen includes a pantryful of unprocessed or lightly processed foods; the sustainable cook uses sustainably-raised foods from local suppliers.

Justeating_leaders_2You can find ideas for your congregations potlucks and a full curriculum on food called – Just Eating: Practicing Our Faith at the Table. You can download the reader and leader’s guide for free, or order them wholesale online.


2 Responses to “Good news! Good cooking is good for the planet”

  1. Dianne L Thompson

    This page was recommended in the March/April 2019 issue of Presbyterians Today, yet I’m not able to connect through any of the links above. How/where can I access the curriculum for use in my church, Rolling Bay Presbyterian on Bainbridge Island? I’d love for us to be involved with Just Eating! Thank you!

  2. Andrew Kang Bartlett

    Hello Dianne, Glad you are eager to use Just Eating! This page was created in 2007 so the links no longer work, but I can give some new links that should help.
    Just Eating? Practicing Our Faith at the Table can be found at where you can download any of the versions for free or order copies at wholesale price.

    If you are looking for recipes, we helped fund a program a few years back promoting ways to eat on limited budget. The book of recipes is excellent! You can find it here:

    And I’ll update the above page. Thanks!