In his address to COP27 on Friday, President Biden shared that the United States is committed to confronting climate change, guaranteeing that the United States would hit its climate commitments, adding that the US will share its climate progress with the rest of the world. He framed the $369 billion in spending on clean energy from the Inflation Reduction Act passed this year as an initiative that can help other countries, though it was written primarily to boost the U.S. economy as it transitions to cleaner energy. But poor nations pushed back against the large U.S. delegation in attendance, demanding that the world’s richest countries pay more to help.

Biden also named that the US would aggressively regulate methane, a greenhouse gas that scientists say is one of the most powerful contributors to climate change. The Environmental Protection Agency issued a proposed regulation that agency officials said would, by 2035, lower the amount of methane emissions from oil and gas operations by 36 million tons — more than the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from all coal-fired power plants in a single year.