Faith Leaders for Climate Justice

As COP27 gets into full swing, faith leaders are sharing their calls to the world leaders for increased action to achieve climate justice and help keep global temperature rise to under 1.5C.  Faith leaders representing a variety of faiths (Christian, Muslim, Bram Kumaris, and others) bring the experiences of communities on the front lines of the climate emergency, they bring a moral dimension to the debate, and they also bring technical expertise through their engagement in combatting climate change and in climate justice advocacy.

85% of the world’s population ascribe to a faith tradition, and faith communities are part of all communities in the world.  They work as part of these communities together with local leaders and communities to address the impacts of climate change.

Recently in Nairobi, Kenya, following the conclusion of a two-day “Convocation on Climate and Hunger,” Christian leaders from Africa, Europe, and the United States signed a statement committing themselves to stand together and “seek public policies that yield measurable results and meaningful change for those disproportionately affected by hunger and climate change.”

One attendee to this Convocation and a signatory on the statement was a PHP Hunger Action Advocate, Wendy Gist.

Through the Convocation and statement, the leaders hoped to unify and amplify a global Christian voice on the need to address climate change to end hunger in advance of the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27). The convocation statement reads in part: “..we share a fierce resolve to stand and work together to …to renew God’s creation, and to bring our planet into balance, forming a beloved community in which all of creation can thrive. Climate justice is our means for furthering this resolve…”

Organizers of the Convocation believe the unique gathering was the first to bring together Christians from the three continents to address climate change and its impacts on hunger.


Faith leaders not attending the COP27 in person still have the opportunity to participate in important ecumenical conversations. One COP27 side event will focus on the urgent need for climate finance to reach vulnerable communities now and in the future. Delivering the promise: how to ensure future adaptation needs are addressed will explore what is needed to transition the global finance system to meet these communities’ needs. This will be held in person and available online Friday, Nov 11,  2022 at 11:30-13:00 CAT (UTC+2)/ 4:30am EDT.

For a livestream link, please keep checking the UNFCCC COP27 YouTube site:

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