Returning To Where Everything Started

Chainlink fence with prayer ribbons

Hundreds of ribbons and pieces of cloth – many of them with words of prayer – are tied to the fence forming the perimeter of the venue of COP26 in Glasgow. Glasgow hosts the United Nations climate change conference COP26, where world leaders gather to negotiate a response to the ongoing climate crisis and emergency. Photo: LWF/Albin Hillert

As people of faith concerned about the climate crisis, there are two origin stories that may guide and concern us as we ponder how we ought to live in the world today. One is the Genesis story, which establishes our faith in the God of Creation, and our particular role in nature. Another, is the story (where the industrial revolution set us on a path to climate change) that started years ago on the same soil and the same river where COP26 is taking place today…Which story will win?

Woman painting Mural

A woman creates a large painting at the venue of COP26 capturing different aspects of the ongoing climate negotiations. Photo: LWF/Albin Hillert

As COP26 comes to a close today we invite you to reflect along with Rev. Dr. Neddy Astudillo, a Venezuelan eco-theologian, Presbyterian pastor and member of PHP’s Advisory Committee by reading her article Returning To Where Everything Started.

We also invite you to join our partner, Presbyterians for Earth Care, as they offer a live zoom discussion with Dr. Mark Eakin, well-known oceanographer and contributor to past IPCC reports, to discuss what has come out of the meeting in Glasgow, Scotland in countering climate change.  (Click here to register.)



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