Peacemaker Lifts Up Importance of COP26

From an island in the Pacific Ocean, Frances Namoumou recently made a peacemaking pilgrimage to the Presbytery of the James in central Virginia. Appearing via Zoom, the International Peacemaker discussed how climate change is negatively impacting her home country of Fiji and neighboring islands in the region.

Children in Fiji

In Fiji, climate change has forced some villagers to relocate, said International Peacemaker Frances Namoumou. (Photo courtesy of the Pacific Conference of Churches)

As the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) takes place through Nov. 12, Namoumou would like to see world leaders taking the issue of reducing carbon emissions seriously.

She also spoke about noting the importance of financial support for vulnerable communities and remembering that climate change has both economic and non-economic consequences.

“As citizens of Fiji, we will hold our governments accountable,” she said. “For those of you in the U.S., I guess you have the right and responsibility to hold your government accountable. … We’re looking at the bigger picture of who is my neighbor?”

Read the full PNS article about the presentation here.

Watch the recording of the presentation here.

Excerpted from Peacemaker from Fiji talks climate change and COP26 by Darla Carter | Presbyterian News Service

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