Climate talks continue, climate march, ongoing witness

While last week negotiations were navigated by many staff representatives of member nations, this week the country ministers with higher political positions arrive to finalize and continue negotiations.

Observers and participants continue to learn and share and to demand strong action from all the governments of the world.

This weekend included a climate march in Madrid with an estimated 500,000 people. Meaningful actions and witnesses also continue, like this morning’s vigil honoring those who have been killed for their environmental projection work.

A good overview of some top priorities for the official business of the COP 25 is available from the World Resources Institute at:

May we keep in prayer all those working for change, at all levels, this week and all weeks throughout the year.

Rob Fohr represents the Presbyterian Church (USA) on a “We’re Still In” panel. (Photo credit: Bill Somplatsky-Jarman)

Saturday Dec 7 climate march in Madrid, in connection to the UN COP 25. (Photo credit: Bill Somplatsky-Jarman).

Climate march in Madrid with ecumenical colleagues. (Photo credit: Bill Somplatsky-Jarman).

Monday morning, Dec 9, there was a public witness to honor the 138 martyrs murdered between January 1-September 30, 2019, in defense of forests and other eco-systems. Their names and countries were read followed by a unison response “Presente.” (Photo credit: Bill Somplatsky-Jarman).


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