Presbyterians Standing with Standing Rock Sioux and Others

You may have seen the recent Presbyterians News Service story on the Presbytery of Northern Plains’ earth care team sending a prayerful witness and supplies to the water “protectors” in North Dakota, through Rev. Paul Henschen, a member of Presbyterians for Earth Care.  This comes on the heals of the statement of support from Stated Clerk Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson III and the Rev. Irvin Porter, associate in the Office of Native American Intercultural Congregational Support, PC(USA). Earlier blog entries also showed connections between Lummi Nation efforts of protection in the Pacific Northwest–and their totem pole journey–and this current galvanizing of communities in North Dakota.

Meanwhile, Commissioned Ruling Elder Fern Cloud, a Dakota Sioux and member of Dakota Presbytery, has been in prayer and solidarity at Sacred Stone Camp at Standing Rock. She writes, “I am so honored to be with so many tribes with the same voice, spirit, passion and compassion for the environment.  My main goal is just to listen and learn.  This past week has been amazing, my daughters and I walk the perimeter of the camp daily and pray for the people, now is the time to act on those prayers.”

Synod of Lakes and Prairies Synod Executive Elona Street-Stewart is working together with the Rev. Irvin Porter to create a pathway for Presbyterians who wish to contribute financial support, especially as cold weather may soon come. Check back for more reports soon!




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