Updates from Crosslake Presbyterian Church: solar panels and other projects


Crosslakes Presbyterian Church photo voltaic system


Our modest photo- voltaic (p-v) system has been operating for a year and a half. Our “above code” building is now 12 years old. The geothermal system has been operating for nearly twelve years and the forest was purchased 14 years ago. Wind generated electricity units have been purchased for eleven years.

Recently, financial and volunteer energy concerns led session to postpone an expansion of the p-v because the congregation was in the midst constructing an addition to the building built largely with volunteer labor. However, that project is now nearly completed and by next spring consideration can be given to p-v expansion or another earth stewardship project.

In the mean time Crosslake Presbyterian’s past projects have motivated an ELCA congregation in a neighboring town to install photo-voltaic! Also, Crosslake is scheduled to make a presentation of its experience at a regional continuing education event and has helped motivate the area Habitat For Humanity unit to install p-v on its Restore and offices.

The study document of engineering and ecological impacts and theological/biblical rationale statement  is available electronically to any interested congregation.  We have found that so far the p-v performance has been almost identical to the projections in the study. (Studies of p-v prior to installation projected ten years ahead. Studies of the building, geo-thermal, wind source electricity and forest covered ten years of actual performance.)

Check out the church website as well.

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