PCUSA Comment on the Proposed EPA Carbon Regulations

Yesterday, December 1, was the deadline for the EPA to receive public comments on the clean power proposed rule. Many Presbyterians lifted up their voice in local and national settings, encouraging this rule that will limit carbon emissions from existing power plants.


J. Herbert Nelson of our Office of Public Witness submitted a powerful comment based on General Assembly policies. A copy of this comment is available on the PC(USA) Office of Public Witness blog. He writes, “If we hope to prevent the worst impacts of climate change and protect communities around the world, reducing carbon emissions from power plants must be a top priority for our country.  The proposed rule will make important progress towards that goal while still allowing states the flexibility to implement standards in ways that make the most sense for their economies and power needs.”


May this proposed rule indeed help us to answer our call to care for God’s creation, to protect future generations and marginalized communities, and to urge us in our own lives to make changes to curb the worst impacts of climate change.

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