Church Examines Waste, Raises Fund at Earth Care Breakfast

One of the best parts of my day is to hear creative stories of what churches are doing all across the country to be disciples and to care for God’s good earth! Here’s a clever idea to demonstrate how much waste we can generate, or save from being generated, depending on our choices. This fun activity educated on waste reduction, created community between participants, and accomplished its purpose of raising funds for the church!


The Earth Care Committee at First Presbyterian in Urbana, IL  (a certified PCUSA Earth Care Congregation) hosted a breakfast fundraiser to purchase reusable dishes in order to stop using disposables at church functions. 


At the breakfast 1/3 of the people brought a breakfast from McDonalds, 1/3 from pre-packaged food from a grocery store, and 1/3 from food bought in bulk and cooked from scratch in the kitchen.  At the end of the meal the comparative sizes of the three separate waste containers made it crystal clear how the amount of waste we produce hinges on our everyday choices.


The fundraiser not only made their case, but also raised enough money to purchase re-usable coffee cups!




coffee cup

Re-using Coffee Cups at Church!


 To learn more about this congregation, go to their website and read about their other great Earth Care projects!

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