PCUSA Environmental Ministries and GreenFaith collaboration: webinar now available online!

Have you been hearing about the new collaboration between PCUSA Environmental Ministries and GreenFaith but not yet learned as much as you would like?


The informative, inspiring, and encouraging webinar about the GreenFaith certification program– which gives PCUSA congregations the opportunity to become PCUSA Earth Care certified as well as receiving this interfaith certification– is now available. It is an important first step to learn more about GreenFaith.


If you are in or connected to a PCUSA congregation and want to learn more, please begin by watching this hour long webinar. You may watch with your earth care team if you have one, a few other church members who share interest, and/or pastoral and lay leaders.


Discern if this amazing resource program might be right for you!


Available at: http://greenfaith.org/success-stories/certification-program-2-25-webinar-recording-powerpoint

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