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New Webpage from the Presbyterian Hunger Program

Trade PosterThe Presbyterian Hunger Program has created a new webpage with resources related to trade reform.  Trade issues and eco-justice are inextricably intertwined, and this page has great resources for Presbyterians to learn what our reformed tradition has to say about just trade.  Explore this new webpage at www.pcusa.org/trade, download the posters related to just trade, and learn more about how to advocate for just trade. 

trade poster 2Presbyterian policy on just trade approved by the 215th General Assembly in 2003 calls Presbyterians to

“Support efforts to strive toward international cooperation based on fair trade, respect for diversity, and common concerns for a peaceful, just, and sustainable world.”


“Oppose multinational actions and trade agreements that elevate rights of corporations over the right of governments and indigenous peoples to pass and enforce laws that preserve the public good and protect their citizens, economies, and environments.”

Currently Presbyterians in the US and Colombia are calling on the US government to reject the Colombia Free Trade Agreement.  Learn more and take action through the PC(USA) Office of Public Witness.

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