Atlanta Church Develops Greener Congregation

Central Presbyterian Church, located in Atlanta, GA, has set out to make a difference in the ailing environment, and they are succeeding. Last April, the church installed solar thermal collectors, which support Central’s hot water needs. This program was sought after since 2007 when the church established a “go green” drive. Since then, Central has received $14,000 from in house, $2,500 from a special offering at the church’s 150th Birthday, and $14,000 from the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta Grants to Greens program. Central has created more opportunities to lessen their carbon footprint by changing to LED lights and updating the heating, ventilation, and air condition system.

Another program that Central has been working with is the Presbyterian Coffee Project. Central was listed as one of 25 churches “which purchased the highest volume of Equal Exchange fairly traded coffee, tea, chocolate, and snack through the Presbyterian Coffee Project in 2010.” Central’s story is inspiring for other churches who want to leap into Fair Trade or Environmental Stewardship. Read more about Central’s projects and ideas on how to make a greener congregation.

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