Plan Now for the Week of Action on Food

The following information was sent from the Presbyterian Hunger Program. Learn about resources available to work on food justice and eco-justice in your congregation during Week of Action on Food, October 10-17, 2011. Plan now for events in your congregation.

Presbyterians and the Food for Life Campaign action alert

As a Presbyterian, you are connected with Presbyterians and ecumenical partners around the world through our membership in the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA). EAA is a broad international network of churches and Christian organizations cooperating in advocacy on food and HIV and AIDS, based in Geneva, Switzerland. The Presbyterian Hunger Program serves on their Food for Life Campaign Strategy Group. Food for Life became the campaign focus following the Trade for People Campaign, and Presbyterians have been participating in the annual Weeks of Action to advocate for and help build a world where the right to food is universal.

This year we have a special connection to the Food for Life Campaign with the Rev. Dr. Randall Bush from East Liberty Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, Penn. winning the “Food for Life” Sermon Competition! Rev. Bush will deliver his winning sermon at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva on October 17 during the Week of Action. Read his and the other highly-rated sermons and incorporate their insights in your own preaching and reflection.

Even if you’ve not participated before, here is your invitation to dig in!

Plan now for the Week of Action on Food

With almost one billion people facing chronic hunger and food price shocks causing further crisis in vulnerable communities, churches and individuals around the world are asked to set aside one week in October for specific reflection and action on food.

Dedicate October 10-17 2011 to worship, study, and practical action that promotes change in the way food is grown, sold, distributed and consumed. This year’s resource guide addresses the structural issues and institutions that are at the root of the current food crisis and emphasizes changes we can make individually and collectively.

This year, World Food Day, October 16, falls on a Sunday, which gives Christians an added opportunity to connect food justice with our faith. Also note that October15 is International Day for Rural Women and October 17 is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

A resource guide in English, French and Spanish will be available at the end of August. The guide provides background to key issues in the food crisis and suggests what needs to change. The guide offers action ideas, as well as worship resources.

Begin to plan now to mark the Week of Action on Food.You may find the webinar we did on the Food Week of Action last year useful. (You’ll need to give your email and name to view it.) 

Ideas might include: 

-Set aside the worship service on 16 October to focus on food. Begin to explore the theological connections by reading “Food for Life: A Theological Paper.”

-Plan a study group or consider a film and discussion group to look at the issues of food justice locally and globally. Just Eating: Practicing Our Faith at the Table may be a good place to start.

-Read and subscribe to the Food and Faith Blog.

-Prepare for a church or community advocacy-related event.

-Pull together some folks to create a community garden or other faith-based initiatives.

-Download the Food Sovereignty for All Handbook for guidance.

-Organize a potluck meal celebrating local foods and traditions.

-Consider becoming a “Lets Move” congregation

Contact Andrew Kang Bartlett to borrow videos, with ideas, or for more information, (502) 569-5388.

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