Caring for Creation in the Season of Advent

MP900289872[1] I recently became aware of a study guide for caring for creation during Advent, and I apologize that I am just now sharing the news about it – the day after Advent started. 

I recently read Love God Heal Earth: 21 Leading Religious Voices Speak Out on Our Sacred Duty to Protect the Environment, a book edited by Rev. Canon Sally G. Bingham, the founder of Interfaith Power and Light.  Among the collection is “The Road to Green” by Rev. Woody Bartlett, co-founder of Georgia Interfaith Power and Light(GIPL).

In his essay, Rev. Bartlett introduces the GIPL resource Preparing for a New Light Caring for God’s Creation During Advent, a study guide for Christians to use as they celebrate the season of Advent.  The study guide contains information, a bible verse, a reflection, and a prayer related to 5 environmental issues for Each Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve.  Each time a family lights the Advent candle, they are also urged to change a light bulb in their house.  Tying this practice to Advent and to our faith can create a moving and memorable lesson in caring for creation. 

The introduction to the study guide reminds us that as we prepare our homes and spirits in the Season of Advent, it is also “appropriate for us to prepare by caring for God’s Creation and taking action to clean the air we all breathe and the water we all drink.”

Read more about the study guide on the Georgia Interfaith Power and Light blog and download the study guide from the website.

Remember to sign up for the webinar “Reclaiming Advent and Christmas” from the Presbyterian Hunger Programon Wednesday, December 1.  Download the Just Living resource “Reclaiming Advent and Christmas.”


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