Protect God’s Creation and Land

The National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program sent the following information with an opportunity to help protect God's creation.

The fall is upon us, which not only means cooler temperatures and shorter days, but also the beginning of a transformation in God's Creation. This fall, we will have an opportunity to protect and steward more than 4 million acres of God's land around the country.
Click here to show your support for protecting God's Creation and land.

Congress has been working to protect numerous small pieces of culturally and ecologically important land around the US.

Add  your voice to the call for protection of God's land so that our children and all future generations can enjoy places of reflection and adventure the same way we do today. Sign the letter calling for protection of God's great lands and creation.

Click here to sign the letter calling for the protection of God's land and Creation.

With Blessings and Excitement for the Season,

The Eco-Justice Team

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