Environmental Ministries at Youth Triennium

Last week over 5,000 Presbyterians gathered at Purdue University for Presbyterian Youth Triennium. Environmental Ministries hosted a booth in the exhibit hall. Youth and adult leaders alike expressed great interest in environmental issues. It was a great opportunity to make more people aware of the denomination’s eco-justice efforts and to talk with folks about the new Earth Care Congregations program.

As advocacy is an important part of our eco-justice work, our booth featured two opportunities for Presbyterians to speak out about current eco-justice issues. Both available petitions received enthusiastic responses. One petition asked for a just and moral response to the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. You can sign the same petition on the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program website. The other petition was for women of faith to call for safe cosmetics. This petition is also available online. Join with Presbyterian youth to make your voices heard for eco-justice!

Beads hands2
The Environmental Ministries booth also offered a fun way to reuse something: recycled beading. Magazines and old bulletin covers received new life with the help of a little glue and creativity. Directions for recycled beading can be found online. In addition to a good way to reuse something and introduce earth care in a fun way, recycled beads could be sold as a youth group fundraiser. IMG_2109

Photo credits: Mark Koenig

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