Oil Spill Resources and Reflections

Over the past several days I have seen a lot of helpful resources about and responses to the BP Oil Spill that is ongoing in the Gulf of Mexico.  Many of these reflections focus on the need for limiting our use of resources and living with less impact on God’s earth.  Below are links to some of these:

Carolyn Gillette, co-pastor at Limestone Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware has written a hymn in response to the oil spill.  Download the hymn, titled “O God the Great Wide Seas are Yours.”

Sojourners ran an inspiring response “Gulf Oil Spill: Watching a Disaster Unfold with a Log in My Eye,” by Elizabeth Denlinger Reaves.

Asked about cheap oil at an event at Arlington Public Library in Virginia, author, farmer, and conservationist Wendell Berry responded by talking about limits to our lifestyle, the earth responding “noisily” to our misuse of it, and hope for the future.  A video of his response is available on the Religious and Ethics Newsweekly website.

If you are looking for up to date resources covering the oil spill, the US Climate Action Network(USCAN) has compiled these on their website.  The site includes maps created by Greenpeace that look at how the oil spill would have impacted other coastal regions that have been newly opened to oil drilling.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance sent out an update on responding to the oil spill earlier this week.

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