The Story of Bottled Water

MPj03211110000[1] Annie Leonard, who previously brought us the online "The Story of Stuff" has made a new fast-paced online film that tackles bottled water.  "The Story of Bottled Water" outlines how consumption of bottled water went from something considered laughable (as it costs as much as 2000 times the amount of tap water) to such a high-demand product that the US consumes a half a billion bottles of water each week.

The film is a great primer in many issues related to bottled water, including the justice aspect of where our bottles are sent to be recycled.  (Leonard found that some of these bottles that we stick in our recycling bins are actually shipped to India, and instead of being recycled, they end up becoming a waste problem for India to deal with.)

Watch "The Story of Bottled Water" and learn more about issues surrounding bottled water from the Presbyterians for Earth Care's bottled water campaign.  PEC also has a bottled water pledge that you can sign.

Pledge not to drink bottled water unless the tap water in your area is truly unsafe, and share your knowledge with friends and family, who may not realize that producing bottles for bottled water for US consumption uses enough oil each year to fuel one million cars.

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