Asia & Pacific

E863205 – Lamp Of Thailand Program

This ministry of the Church in Thailand has a wonderful correspondence course program for children as well as adults. Gifts help extend this ministry. (E863205)

E048540 – Kinnaird Academy, Lahore, Pakistan

This school for girls witnesses to the founder’s faith in children’s potential, a dramatic statement in the Muslim country of Pakistan where fewer than three percent are Christian and the literacy rate for girls is less than 20 percent. (E048540)

E200514 – Amity Teacher

Support to this ECO will enable Hugh and Teena Anderson to work with the Amity Foundation at Chifeng University located in Inner Mongolia. Funds will be used to defray travel and ministry expenses. (E200514)

H000103 – India-Joining Hands Program

Support for program activities by the Joining Hands partner network in South India focused on rights of marginalized outcast groups, especially women, the right to earn a livelihood for traditional artisans, fisherfolks and peasants. (H000103)

E051850 – Mission Personnel, Asia & The Pacific

Presbyterian missionaries first went to China 175 years ago. Today over sixty mission personnel continue to bear witness to the love of God in Christ through education, evangelism, health ministries, community development, disaster relief, and regional coordinators who work with ecumenical partners in shaping the future of the Christian community in Asia. Gifts to this… Read more »

E862370 – Presbyterian Education Board, School Refurbishing, Pakistan

With the return of 10 Presbyterian schools, which the Pakistani government had taken over in 1972, the Presbyterian Education Board has assumed the responsibility of providing leadership for the staff and students and of starting the daunting task of getting both the buildings and academic programs back to a standard of excellence. During the years… Read more »

E200493 – Regional Liaison for Southeast Asia

The regional liaison for Southeast Asia will serve as facilitator of denominational PC(USA) support for partner programs, relationships, and activities, and as an implementer of regional strategies in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, as well as areas of the pacific. The regional liaison will supervise and support PC(USA) mission personnel in communications,… Read more »

E052158 – Church of Bangladesh

This ECO is useful in supporting projects which do not fall under the specific opportunities listed in the other ECO projects and with undesignated donations. This gives the Area Coordinator, the ability to respond to the unforeseen and emergency needs of our partner churches in the area. Your support of this important work is very… Read more »

E864153 – Amity Teachers Support

In support of our partner, the Amity Foundation (initiated by Chinese Christians), this fund helps send teachers of English to work in colleges and institutions in China. (E864153)

E049075 – Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) Program

Young Adult Volunteers experience a year of developing Christian community through spiritual formation, mission service, and mission learning. Funds are used for programmatic support and to directly support volunteers with stipends, health insurance, student loan grants, housing, food allowance, travel and training. (E049075)