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Asia & Pacific

H000111 – Small Farmer Fund

As part of the Presbyterian Coffee Project, the Small Farmer Fund is one way that the Presbyterian Hunger Program, Equal Exchange and PC(USA) congregations work together to support small farmer projects in coffee growing regions around the world. For each pound of fairly traded products that Presbyterians purchase through the Presbyterian Coffee Project, Equal Exchange… Read more »

E048540 – Kinnaird Academy, Lahore, Pakistan

This school for girls witnesses to the founder’s faith in children’s potential, a dramatic statement in the Muslim country of Pakistan where fewer than three percent are Christian and the literacy rate for girls is less than 20 percent. (E048540)

E862326 – Gujranwala, SCD Education Projects, Pakistan

The aim of the Society for Community Development is to provide the opportunity for literacy and vocational education for disadvantaged Christian children living within a Muslim culture in the Punjab and surrounding provinces. Pakistan has a literacy rate of about 26 percent, and less than half of primary-aged children are in school. Funds are needed… Read more »

E052082 – Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies (ICRS-Yogya)

Indonesia includes both the largest Muslim population in the world and a dynamic growing church with 25 million Christians. Indonesian Muslims and Christians have generally lived in peace and mutual respect in Indonesia. However there have been increasing tensions between the two communities resulting in violence and mutual fears and suspicions. ICRSYogya is a remarkable… Read more »

E863003 – International Evangelism Projects

Contributions to this ECO enable the Office of International Evangelism (OIE) to respond positively to various requests for evangelistic ministry support received from partners throughout the world. Recent gifts have allowed OIE to support church construction projects in Ghana and Nigeria along with several Bible translation and distribution projects.Gifts to this project may also assist… Read more »

E200493 – Regional Liaison for Southeast Asia

The regional liaison for Southeast Asia will serve as facilitator of denominational PC(USA) support for partner programs, relationships, and activities, and as an implementer of regional strategies in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, as well as areas of the pacific. The regional liaison will supervise and support PC(USA) mission personnel in communications,… Read more »

E052182 – CCT Preschool in Klong Toey

To provide financial support for a Christian-based preschool that offers early childhood education opportunities to more than 70 children in the poorest slum area of the city of Bangkok, Thailand. The project is in direct alignment with the Critical Global Initiative of Poverty Alleviation, with a particular focus on Early Childhood Education, and with the… Read more »

H400303 – World Hunger and Development Assistance

Gifts will support the alleviation of world hunger and hunger-related development assistance programs and projects. We shall encourage those programs that combat hunger through integrated development and empowerment of people throughout the world, in such areas as agricultural training, community organization, economic development, nutrition education, public health, advocacy campaigns, environmental improvements, and more. (H400303)

E049075 – Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) Program

Young Adult Volunteers experience a year of developing Christian community through spiritual formation, mission service, and mission learning. Funds are used for programmatic support and to directly support volunteers with stipends, health insurance, student loan grants, housing, food allowance, travel and training. (E049075)

E862337 – Allahabad Agricultural Institute, India

Allahabad Agricultural Institute started in 1910 as the result of the growth and expansion of the Economics Department of the Allahabad Christian College, subsequently known as Ewing Christian College, which developed out of the Jamuna Boys School, started in 1841, and High School and College education of East India Company taken over in 1846 by… Read more »