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Asia & Pacific

E051808 – Forman Christian College Student Scholarships, Pakistan

The poverty-ridden Christian minority population of Pakistan and the poor of all faiths are included in greater numbers than ever before in Forman Christian College’s life and work. Christians comprise nearly 15% of the student body of FCC: a much higher proportion than the 2-3% Christians comprise of the national population, and many times more… Read more »

E862326 – Gujranwala, SCD Education Projects, Pakistan

The aim of the Society for Community Development is to provide the opportunity for literacy and vocational education for disadvantaged Christian children living within a Muslim culture in the Punjab and surrounding provinces. Pakistan has a literacy rate of about 26 percent, and less than half of primary-aged children are in school. Funds are needed… Read more »

E200521 – Professor of Liturgy and Sacred Music

Myoung Ho Yang is professor of liturgical studies and sacred music at the Divinity School of Chung Chi College, a part of the Chinese University in Hong Kong. Ji Yeon Yoo supports him in this ministry. Their service is in response to a call to international mission that each of them sensed several years ago… Read more »

E052147 – United Church of Christ in the Philippines

This ECO is useful in supporting projects which do not fall under the specific opportunities listed in the other ECO projects and with undesignated donations. This gives the Area Coordinator, the ability to respond to the unforeseen and emergency needs of our partner churches in the area. Your support of this important work is very… Read more »

E863003 – International Evangelism Projects

Contributions to this ECO enable the Office of International Evangelism (OIE) to respond positively to various requests for evangelistic ministry support received from partners throughout the world. Recent gifts have allowed OIE to support church construction projects in Ghana and Nigeria along with several Bible translation and distribution projects.Gifts to this project may also assist… Read more »

E200343 – Holistic Community Developers

Mission co-workers are intentionally immersed in cross-cultural community development in Thailand. Through their purposeful rhythms of prayerful discernment, active involvement with indigenous people, and theological reflection, they serve as catalysts for mobilizing missional engagements, facilitating leadership development, and initiating constructive dialogue with people of all faiths. They say their purpose in Thailand is “to fulfill… Read more »

E865357 – Gujranwala Theological Seminary, Pakistan

Funds are needed for maintenance and ongoing operational costs for this seminary, established on its present site in 1912. It is the primary institution in Pakistan for the training of Protestant church leaders. (E865357)

E051819 – Forman Christian College Advance Fund, Lahore, Pakistan

In Pakistan, Forman Christian College is at the forefront of educating young men and women – both Christian and Muslim – for positions of leadership and moral governance with the distinct influence of the gospel on all of campus life. After being returned from 30 years of government administration in 2003, the college has made… Read more »

E862337 – Allahabad Agricultural Institute, India

Allahabad Agricultural Institute started in 1910 as the result of the growth and expansion of the Economics Department of the Allahabad Christian College, subsequently known as Ewing Christian College, which developed out of the Jamuna Boys School, started in 1841, and High School and College education of East India Company taken over in 1846 by… Read more »