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Women & Children

102 – Shared Mission Support (Presbyterian Mission Agency)

Gifts to Shared Mission given without restrictions go where they are needed most and fund many parts of the Presbyterian Mission Agency’s mission and ministry. For example Shared Mission: provides training events for New Church development pastors, helps identify and build leaders of every race and gender, provides resources for training in biblical interpretation for… Read more »

E343302 – Hospital St. Croix, Haiti

Hospital St. Croix is located in Leogane, the epicenter of the earthquake that destroyed much of the city and nearby Port au Prince in January, 2010. Repairs have been made to the one wing of the hospital that sustained relatively minor damage. A long-term effort is underway to rebuild Hopital St. Croix and restore its… Read more »

E865364 – Taxila Christian Hospital, Pakistan

Taxila Christian Hospital is a general hospital with a specialized ministry in eye care that has made Taxila the largest eye service hospital in the world. The hospital also supports a community health program that includes mother and baby care and women’s literacy classes. Gifts to Taxila are used for training, equipment and to pay… Read more »

E049980 – Presbyterians Today

Presbyterians Today, the award-winning monthly magazine of the PC(USA), contains feature articles, and many other good-news stories about the people, congregations and mission of the Presbyterian Church. The magazine is financed primarily by paid subscriptions and advertising. Contributing to this giving opportunity helps get this valuable resource into the hands of more individuals and churches…. Read more »

E052164 – Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK)

This ECO is useful in supporting projects which do not fall under the specific opportunities listed in the other ECO projects and with undesignated donations. This gives the Area Coordinator, the ability to respond to the unforeseen and emergency needs of our partner churches in the area. Your support of this important work is very… Read more »

E862371 – Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza

Contributions support the only Christian hospital in strife-torn Gaza area as it faces an increased patient load and a shortage of medical supplies. (E862371)

H000128 – Grain Banks in Cameroon

In northern villages of Cameroon recurrent droughts create cyclic food scarcity that threaten local populations. In response, RELUFA member organizations from that region have undertaken a campaign to secure food during the harvest times to store and sell during the lean period. In doing so they also protect local populations against traders who hoard and… Read more »

E200513 – Literacy and Evangelism, Niger

Michael and Rachel Ludwig are working alongside the Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger (EERN), helping to strengthen the denomination’s evangelism work, including theological education, Christian education, and a holistic witness through literacy training and evangelism program. Niger is among the world’s poorest countries, has a literacy rate of only 29 percent, and experiences… Read more »

E051711 – Sustaining Health Programs in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Historic Presbyterian mission hospitals and clinics have offered healing and hope for generations to Congolese families, regardless of their ability to pay for their care. Continuing to provide health care services in impoverished communities is a constant challenge, as facilities face shortages of basic equipment, supplies and trained personnel. Gifts to this account help to… Read more »