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Social Justice

E864200 – Asia & The Pacific, General

Funds given to this project will be used to further the work of World Mission among our partners in Asia and the Pacific. The funds will be used where the need is greatest so that they will have the most impact. Thank you!

E200102 – Mission Personnel Sharing the Good News of God’s Faithful Love

This project will fund the sending and support costs of mission personnel working to strengthen the capacity of the PC(USA) and its global partners to witness to God’s love in Jesus Christ, to stand in solidarity with persecuted churches through advocacy and accompaniment, to develop leadership and ministry capacities for new and growing churches, to… Read more »

H000105 – Peru-Joining Hands Program

Support for program activities by the Joining Hands partner network in Peru focused on environmental concerns around water, mining pollution, especially in La Oroya, rehabilitation of children affected by lead poisoning, trade justice and human rights. (H000105)

E200528 – Community Health Facilitator

The community development facilitator will work with leaders in Evangelical Presbyterian Church Ghana (EPCG) congregations and nearby local communities to establish and equip programs, and to lift up and empower leaders, to bring about community transformation. The Community Health Evangelism (CHE) model will be used, in which the facilitator and colleagues from the EPCG work… Read more »

E052084 – Vital Congregations

Vital Congregations is an holistic approach to helping churches engage their missional identity through evangelism, spiritual practices, mission in the community, leadership development, inspiring worship, caring capacity, and healthy systems. This ministry will work in partnership with mid councils to assist churches in living into the most faithful ministry possible. This fund will support the… Read more »

E862130 – Presbyterian Church Of East Africa, General Support

The Presbyterian Church of East Africa has congregations, evangelistic programs, educational, medical, and development institutions throughout the nation. Because of the general poverty of the nation, each of these programs can function only with outside contributions. (E862130)

PC100000 – Children At Risk, General

This churchwide initiative calls on Presbyterians to work with partners in the U.S. and worldwide to improve the quality of education for 1 million children by 2020. This initiative builds on our strong Reformed heritage and Presbyterian history of both educational mission and advocacy and support for access to public education. (PC100000)

E051209 – Building A Culture Of Peace & Nonviolence

This project will enable ministries that assist people of faith with the biblical, theological and practical knowledge necessary for building a culture of peace and nonviolence. Contributions to this project will be used to support faith-based nonviolence training and peace building efforts for youth and young adults. (E051209)