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Small Business Development

E051547 – Mission Program Grants

In partnership with synods and presbyteries, Mission Program Grants provide supplemental, short-term, and start-up funding for the establishment of new congregations, for 1001 New Worshiping Communities and for presbyteries that… Read more »

E319602 – Women’s Work, CPC

The Department of Women of the CPC ministers holistically to the various needs of women and families. In addition to organizing opportunities for shared worship, prayer and Bible study, the… Read more »

H000018 – African Hunger

Gifts to this account will enable the Presbyterian Hunger Program to respond to requests from African partner churches and from secular groups that seek support for their community activities dealing… Read more »

H000108 – Cameroon-Joining Hands Program

Support for program activities by RELUFA, the Joining Hands partner network in Cameroon focused on human rights, food security/sovereignty, and human, social and environmental degradation caused by extractive industries, land… Read more »

E051622 – Moringa Oleifera Tree Program

The Presbyterian Hunger Program is involved in a broad campaign to promote the planting and use of Moringa Oleifera trees in various countries whose population suffer from hunger and malnutrition…. Read more »

H000111 – Small Farmer Fund

As part of the Presbyterian Coffee Project, the Small Farmer Fund is one way that the Presbyterian Hunger Program, Equal Exchange and PC(USA) congregations work together to support small farmer… Read more »