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Disaster Response & Development

E052030 – Presbyterian Relief & Development Agency

The Presbyterian Relief and Development Agency (PRDA) of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan serves the people of South Sudan to bring opportunities for development help in farming and other self-help enterprises, as well as midwifery training. It also provides short term relief responses. The country has had a long-running food security crisis because of ongoing… Read more »

DR000126 – Disaster Relief-Response To Church Burnings

This designated account supplements the One Great Hour of Sharing offering and enables members and congregations to support the PC(USA) response to episodes of terroristic, racially motivated, or other instances of arson and the burning of churches and/or places of worship. Funds into this account may help with rebuilding, emotional and spiritual caregiving, sensitivity training,… Read more »

E052168 – Compassion, Peace and Justice

This gift will help Compassion, Peace and Justice to respond to the needs of the world’s most vulnerable people, address injustice in all areas of life and advocate for peaceful solutions to conflict. (E052168)

H000128 – Grain Banks in Cameroon

In northern villages of Cameroon recurrent droughts create cyclic food scarcity that threaten local populations. In response, RELUFA member organizations from that region have undertaken a campaign to secure food during the harvest times to store and sell during the lean period. In doing so they also protect local populations against traders who hoard and… Read more »

DR000188 – Disaster Relief-Public Violence

This designated account supplements the One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offering to enable a significant response from the aftermath of public violence; such as shootings, bombings and other acts of violence.  Funds received into this account may help families with funeral expenses, support emotional and spiritual care for church leadership, and provide resources to… Read more »

E340202 – National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon (General)

The National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon (NESSL) grew out of PC(USA) outreach begun in 1823. Those early mission efforts helped to plant many of the early NESSL churches in Syria and Lebanon, to translate the entire Bible into Arabic as well as to print it in that language for the first time, and… Read more »