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At Least I’m Not a Neo-Nazi

A Reflection on White Supremacy and Racism after Charlottesville   On Wednesday we celebrated a worship service of Justice and Prayer following the White Supremacy and Racism in Charlottesville here at the Presbyterian Headquarters in Louisville. (You can watch the service by clicking here and paging down to the video post from August 16, 2017.) My… Read more »

St. Francis’ Bad Advice for Presbyterians

A Visit to the Presbytery of Savannah (GA)   “Share the gospel at all times, and, if necessary, use words.” These words (attributed to St. Francis of Assisi) give me a chill.  I mostly run around with Presbyterians, who mostly run around avoiding the use of words to share the gospel.  Presbyterians are great with… Read more »

Can Good Church Decisions Lead to Bad Outcomes?

Some thoughts on and from Ken Evers-Hood’s The Irrational Jesus   When we make good decisions, things work out for the best, right? A good decision is one that leads to a good result, and a bad decision leads to a bad result, right? The decision about whether or not to start a home Bible study… Read more »

Should Churches Focus on Sustainability or Faithfulness?

A presentation from the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board Meeting (San Juan, Puerto Rico)   Should local congregations focus on making sure that they exist into the future? Or should they invest instead in fidelity to the gospel of Jesus Christ? This was a subject I had the chance to shed some light on at the… Read more »

The Holy Spirit on the Move

A sermon from my visit to Central Florida Presbytery   Last weekend I spent time with Central Florida Presbytery in Orlando. They kept me busy! I spoke on spiritual disciplines (three hour workshop on Friday), the future of the church (one hour plenary and conversation on Saturday), and congregational vitality (45 minute open space on… Read more »

Do We Get Advantages at Church Because We’re White?

A Visit to the Presbytery of Whitewater Valley (Indianapolis)   At the core of Christianity is grace—the idea that God gives us love and mercy that we don’t deserve and never earn.  You might call them unearned advantages. On our best days, the church extends this undeserved goodness to all around us.  But do white… Read more »

Spiritual Direction in the Age of Trump

A Visit to the Disciple-Making Conference (St. Pete Beach, FL)   Today is Inauguration Day. After what must have been one of the most divisive elections and transition periods in US history, Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States of America. No doubt this is music to some of your ears, and… Read more »

“Elections and Kings”

A sermon preached at Grosse Pointe Memorial Church, 11/20/16       What do we get when we cross the election results, Thanksgiving, and Christ the King Sunday?  The sermon I preached a week ago Sunday in suburban Detroit.  I am grateful for the invitation from the Session and from my friend and Ph.D. trailblazing… Read more »

Looking Up When Thanksgiving Is Going South

Thanksgiving gives a chance for really memorable connections with distant relatives and family friends that we only see every once in a while. This year, however, the connections might be memorable for all the wrong reasons. After the most divisive election in decades, it’s likely that some conversations are going to go south long before… Read more »

One Way to Pray for the Election at Church This Sunday

…And a link to many other resources   This Sunday November 6 will be the last chance most Christians have to come together in prayer and worship before U.S. elections are held that Tuesday.  Karl Travis of First Presbyterian Church, Fort Worth, sent me a copy of this terrific eucharistic (communion) prayer which you or your… Read more »