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Evangelism Sunday Resources

Evangelism is the work of the entire congregation and the church universal. Evangelism is not about drawing people to church. Though it is wonderful to invite people to church and… Read more »

Camp and Retreat Sunday

The PC(USA) designates various days on the church calendar for special emphasis. Below are resources for celebrating Camp and Retreat Sunday. This Sunday usually falls on the second Sunday of… Read more »

Faith Formation Leader Connection

The Faith Formation Leader Connection brings together leaders of faith formation ministries in the PCUSA.  We do this by offering a variety of ways for leaders to share, connect and… Read more »

Mr. Rogers Day Resources

Fred Rogers was an ordained minister of word and sacrament for the PC(USA) and is a notable public figure whose work around peace and reconciliation are worth remembering. Rogers was… Read more »

1001 Redesign

  1001 Pathways to Flourishing: Comprehensive Resources and a Community of Support for Leaders, New Worshiping Communities, and Mid Councils 1001 New Worshiping Communities, a movement of the Presbyterian Church… Read more »

Christian Formation Week

The Presbyterian Church (USA) planning calendar recognizes a week of Christian Formation in churches and faith communities. This week begins the Sunday after Labor Day but churches may choose different… Read more »

QuickSheets and Resources

The Office of Christian Formation seeks to honor the unique gifts, challenges and opportunities that come with every age and stage in a person’s lifetime of faith formation. We introduce… Read more »

COVID-19 Grant Application

Eligibility: Limited SDOP COVID-19 funding available for community organizations/groups (not individuals) in the United States working with low income communities. Groups currently being funded by SDOP (National and Mid-Council/Local level)… Read more »