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“He has been raised from the dead.” Matt. 28:7

Tuesday, October 15



Wherever one stands in the village of Davydovo, one can see the church.

Across Russia, villages are dying. Those who could fled long ago to cities. Those remaining tend to be older or those who live with alcoholism. But something miraculous grows in the village of Davydovo. It too was a dying place 15 years ago, but a remarkable family moved there to find a simpler existence.

At first, Vladimir and Olga Klimzo made their own way, but then, gathering many friends, they began to restore the ruined church in the center of the village. The church was a shell, with trees growing through the roof. They worked hard and scrounged the needed resources. When the church could be used for worship, they asked for a priest, but none could be spared. Vladimir’s spiritual father told him he must become the priest. Reluctantly, but obediently, he accepted the call.

Over the past six years, he and his family, the friends who helped rebuild the church, and new friends have listened for the Lord’s knock on the door of their hearts. Again and again they have responded. Seeing the needs of children whose parents live with alcoholism, they started a Christian kindergarten. Hearing how children struggle in local schools owing to a lack of individual attention, they began a small school. Knowing the needs of one teenage boy who had no place to go, they opened a shelter. Hearing the needs of children with disabilities and their families, they started a summer camp. Step by step, with the church at the center of this village and at the center of their lives, they have been a part of a miracle.

Ellen Smith, PC(USA) mission co-worker

Let us join in prayer for:

The Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy: Pastor Matthew LafertyMs. Margarita Nelyubova, coordinator, Russian Roundtable • Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of the Russian Federation: Rev. Alexei Smirnov, president, Rev. Vitaly Vlasenko, director, external church relations • Evangelical Lutheran Church in Russia and Other States: Acting Archbishop Dietrich Brauer

Interchurch Partnership: Archpriest Vladimir Fedorov and Ms. Marina Shishova

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff
Rev. John Robinson, PMA
Rev. Hector Rodriguez, PMA

Let us pray

Dear Father, open our ears for your still small voice, and fill our hearts with the courage to respond. May we, too, be a part of a miracle. Amen.

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 123; 146
First Reading Jeremiah 36:27-37:2
Second Reading 1 Corinthians 14:1-12
Gospel Reading Matthew 10:16-23
Evening Psalms 30; 86

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