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“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.” — John 13:34

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Monday, October 12

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Presbytery of Geneva

New York

I will take some of the spirit that is on you and put it on them; and they shall bear the burden of the people along with you so that you will not bear it all by yourself.” (Num. 11:17)

The Presbytery of Geneva bears the burdens of those in need through its disaster-assistance ministry. Several times each year, members of the presbytery travel to sites where recovery work needs to be done. “The work trip provides an opportunity for discipleship,” says trip coordinator Paul Salisbury, “with those whose lives have been devastated by natural disasters or the disaster of poverty.”

One longtime mission partner is the West Virginia Ministry of Advocacy and Workcamps (WVMAW), which is supported in part by Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the Synod of the Trinity, and the Presbytery of West Virginia. Since 2001, WVMAW has brought in 40–80 volunteer groups each year to work across the state.

The April 2014 West Virginia work team represented four congregations of the presbytery and included two additional volunteers from a Presbyterian congregation in Asheboro, North Carolina. Freedom Full Gospel Church in Hampden, West Virginia, provided housing as well as volunteers to share in the work.

The team spent the week working on three homes. They repaired flooring and plumbing and installed steps, drywall, windows, doors, and siding. Residents expressed their gratitude with hugs and handshakes, and Freedom Full Gospel hosted an appreciation banquet for the whole crew near the end of the week.

The Presbytery of Geneva includes 60 congregations, one emerging immigrant fellowship, and Camp Whitman on Seneca Lake. The presbytery sees itself as a partnership of congregations and ministers seeking to help one another carry out vital ministries in the name of Jesus Christ.

Let us join in prayer for:

Presbytery Staff

Karen Jensen, administrative assistant
Rhonda Everdyke, director of communications and interim director of Camp Whitman

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff

Perfecto Romero, PMA
Rev. Christopher Roseland, PMA

Let us pray

Gracious God, we give thanks for those moments when we can see the good fruit of the work we undertake in your name. We are so grateful that new life can arise from loss, and possibility from disaster. We thank you for those who give of themselves so that others might have hope. Amen.

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 135; 145
First Reading Jeremiah 36:11-26
Second Reading 1 Corinthians (13:1-3) 13:4-13
Gospel Reading Matthew 10:5-15
Evening Psalms 97; 112


  • I hope, Sally's aged mother and other aged, myself included, can have a simple resource yearbook for daily prayer. ideas, Include a daily prayer arrangements in Presbyterians Today or a plain quarterly subscription publication, sans costly illustrations. God bless PCUSA behind the myriad prayer-partners! by James Duguid Shotwell 9 on 10/12/2015 at 8:50 p.m.

  • We need to set it up for my husband's 93 year old mother can read the Yearbook on her computer. She seldom uses the computer anymore, but has read the Yearbook and asked for a new one each year. Is there a table of contents for the 2016 n-lone version. When I look at the 2015 on-line version, I don't find it. Please make the on-line version as user friendly as possible for those older than 80. by Sally on 10/12/2015 at 1:36 p.m.

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