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“Truly this man was God’s Son!” —Mark 1:39

Sunday, October 5

The Lord’s Day

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Season of Peace

Minute for Mission:

World Communion Sunday/Peacemaking Offering


Invisibly, a young girl’s family is given wages she has yet to earn. One of many, she is taken away from her home by boat to a destination unknown. A mother quietly weeps, pulling her luggage through an airport. She is uncertain of her return or reuniting with her family. She is now one of the many so-called Overseas Filipino Workers. In a rural village, a boy old enough to work in the sugarcane fields is fortunate that his family is able to send him to school. While at school he is recruited for a job in the city that will make him more money than in the fields. Living and working in a building that is locked and monitored, he climbs through an open window onto a mango tree and patiently waits for six hours hoping to escape. Free from the building, he is lost, alone, and without money or connections.

A joint ministry of the National Council and the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, Teatro Ekumenikal is a theater group of youth and young adults who are a strong voice for justice. The group crafted a visual worship reflection that made the invisible experiences of human trafficking and modern-day slavery visible to participants on the February 2013 Peacemaking Travel Study Seminar Trip to the Philippines. “God or Gold” highlighted the challenge for the church in addressing the overwhelming poverty and violence in the Philippines.

The Peacemaking Offering supports the peacemaking ministries of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s congregations, nationally and globally. Travel Study Seminar experiences and International Peacemaker visits help spread stories of peacemaking and ways to engage in this practice. As we gather this day at a table of welcome, remember our neighbors and partners who help us to see both the visible and the invisible—transforming cultures of violence into communities of peace.

Nancy Eng MacNeill, associate, constituency support, Presbyterian Peacemaking Program

Let us pray

O God, open us to seeking a peace that is deeper than fear and to holding our neighbors in the light of peace. Amen.

Sunday Lectionary and Hymns

Exod. 20:1–4, 7–9, 12–20
“Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit”
PH 315

Ps. 19
“Holy, Holy, Holy!
Lord God Almighty!”
HB, 11, PH 138

Phil. 3:4b–14
“When I Survey the
Wondrous Cross”
HB 198, PH 100, 101

Matt. 21:33–46
“O Jesus Christ, May Grateful
Hymns Be Rising”
PH 424

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 103; 150
First Reading Hosea 5:8-6:6
Second Reading 1 Corinthians 2:6-16
Gospel Reading Matthew 14:1-12
Evening Psalms 117; 139

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