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“While he was blessing them, he withdrew from them and was carried up into heaven.” —Luke 24:51

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Wednesday, November 4

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Europe Map

YouTube has an amazing three-minute video that shows the hundreds of border changes that have occurred between nations in Europe over the past 15 centuries, often as the result of international wars. Although some tensions do remain between European countries, it is increasingly the differences between people groups within countries that lead to conflict, with majority and minority populations of different languages, cultural identities, and religious heritage vying against one another for power.

While waves of immigration from other places within and beyond Europe have brought huge enrichment to many societies, recent elections across the continent reveal a rising fear of the impact of new immigration. Discrimination against and attacks on those who are “different” occur all too often. And the gap between the very rich and sections of the population that remain poor and marginalized is growing. Such realities call for ministries that address root causes of poverty and engage in reconciliation as an integral part of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, who came not to erect but to break down barriers. Many of our sisters and brothers in the churches are involved in just such compassionate and prophetic witness as they live out a gospel vision in the midst of an increasingly secular setting.

Rev. Doug Baker, PC(USA) regional liaison for Ireland and the United Kingdom

Let us join in prayer for:

PC(USA) People in Mission

New Opportunities for Romania’s Orphaned Children (NOROC): Dr. Elizabeth Searles, adviser to NOROC and children/youth worker


Conference of European Churches: Rev. Dr. Guy Liagre, general secretary • World Communion of Reformed Churches: Rev. Christopher Ferguson, general secretary, Rev. Dr. Douwe Visser, exec. secretary for theology and communion, Mr. Phil Tanis, exec. secretary for communications, Rev. Dora Arce-Valentin, exec. secretary for justice and peace, Ms. Claudia Duval, administrative secretary • World Council of Churches: Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit, general secretary • Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe: Ms. Doris Peschke, general secretary • Reformed Church of Albania (Presbyterian): Rev. Altin Hysiand Rev. Zefjan Nikolla, copastors • Autocephalos Orthodox Church of Albania: His Beatitude Anastasias Yanoloutos, archbishop • Albanian Evangelical Alliance • Inter-Confessional Bible Society of Albania: Rev. Altin Hysi, general secretary • InterVarsity /International Fellowship of Evangelical Students: Zefjan Nikolla, general director • United Protestant Church of France: Rev. Laurent Schlumberger, president, Rev. Didier Crouzet, general secretary, Rev. Claire Sixt-Gateuille, secretary for international and ecumenical relations • Greek Evangelical Church: Rev. Phaedon Cambouropoulos, general secretary • Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH): Rev. Gustáv Bölcskei, presiding bishop, Rev. Zoltan Tarr, general secretary, Rev. Balázs Odor, ecumenical officer, Karoly Czibere, diaconal department • Scottish Mission in Budapest: Rev. Aaron Stevens, director • Hungarian Interchurch Aid: Lázló Lehel, director • Opre Roma [Hungary]: Gyula Balogh, president, Dr. Karolian Kosa, secretary • Önkentes Diakonia Ev. [Hungary]: Emese Zavodi • Iranian Evangelical Fellowship of Budapest [Hungary] • Roma-Gadje Dialogue through Service [Hungary]: Richard Otterness, director • Evangelical Reformed Church in Poland: Rev. Marek Izdebski, bishop, Rev. Semko Koroza, ecumenical and international relations secretary • Reformed Church in Romania, Cluj Diocese: Bishop Geza Pap • Reformed Church in Romania, Oradea Diocese: Bishop Istvan Csüry • Casuta Noastra Orphanage • United Protestant Theological Institute • Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania-AIDRom • NOROC: Petru Solca, president • Healing of Memories: Dieter Brandes, director • Spanish Evangelical Church: Elder Joel Cortés, president, Rev. Jose Mochon, vice president, Rev. Carlos Capo, first secretary, Elder Gloria Castell, second secretary, Mr. David Casal Harrang, treasurer, Ms. Damaris Ruiz and Mr. Richardo Moraleja, members-at-large of the Synod Council • United Evangelical Theological Seminary, Spain: Rev. Dr. Jonathan Rowe, director

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff

Cecelia Siebert, PILP
Rev. Peter Sime, BOP
April Simmons, BOP

Let us pray

O God, you filled the world with wondrous diversity. Grant us grace and vision to live compassionately and prophetically amid diverse people. May our words and actions witness to your kingdom, in which barriers of age, nationality, race, and class are broken down through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Daily Lectionary

Morning Psalms 89:1-18; 147:1-11
First Reading Nehemiah 13:4-22
Or alternate First Reading Haggai 1:1-2:9
Second Reading Revelation 12:1-12
Gospel Reading Matthew 13:53-58
Evening Psalms 1; 33

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